Friday, February 24, 2006

VBScript plug ins for ASP applications

Recently one of the developers in my team was developing some custom code in a COM table rendering object we've built for an ASP web application. The object essentially takes source SQL with added meta data and creates a HTML table which is returned into the calling ASP application, and then written out using Response.Write.

The design required some very custom presentation within one of the table cells. The table rendering object is quite generic ( knowing little about specific tables in the database schema ) and the custom presentation task required work on very specific tables. Custom work is essentially associated with each table cell using meta data tags such as "SubordinateList(%UserID%)". Assume the table object is rendering a list of users and if a user is a manager displaying a comma separate list of subordinate user names.

Although this example is contrived (as our real example would require a lot more explanation) the design issue is the same. The obvious easy approach would be to simply add handling within the table rendering object in a switch statement to match on the start of the tag "SubordinateList" and then perform some custom processing in SQL to find the list of sub ordinates. The list would then be converted into a comma separate string which would be added to the table cell. This business logic ideally should not be contained within a generic table rendering engine.

You may have seen plug in design patterns which support the extensiblilty we are trying to achieve here. Typically this would require the creation of a well defined interface e.g. IValueResolver which is defined and called in the table rendering object. The implementation of different IValueResolver objects could be created in one or many plug in components. The IValueResolver interface could only require one method such as GetValue which takes a row, column and table data.

Although ASP, using VB script, doesn't support strongly typed interfaces we can still use the late bound IDispatch support in VBScript to implement this design. We could create a VB script class on the ASP page such as

Class SubordinateListValueResolver
Dim UserColumn

Public Function GetValue(row, col, tableData)
' Work to retrieve the list of subordinates from the user specified
' in the column UserColumn in the row from the tableData data source.
End Function
End Class

The plug in class could then be instantied on the ASP page and passed to the table rendering object using code such as

Dim oValueResolver
Set oValueResolver = New SubordinateListValueResolver
oValueResolver.UserColumn = 4 ' Means the 4th column in the result

oTableRenderer.AddValueResolverPlugIn(oValueResolver, "SubordinateList")

The table rendering object can then determine whether any plug ins exist using the meta data tag passed when the data source SQL is specified. e.g. if a matching plug in object is found for the tag SubordinateList the VBScript object of type SubordinateListValueResolver will be returned. The GetValue method can then be called directly passing the row, column and table data from within the table rendering object. i.e.

oCellResolvedValue = plugin.GetValue(row, col, tableData)

Although designs which use well defined interfaces and contain the plug in code in compiled languages are preferrable to this approach, it does demonstrate how easy a simple plug in mechanism can be developed for a script based application.


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